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Symbolic insight is an experimental music label and recording studio owned and operated by founder and producer Wesley Davis, aka bios+a+ic and partner Jewl Petteway, aka bahiya.

Wesley has been creating and performing music for over 30 years, primarily focusing on multi-layered processed trumpet. He has produced over a dozen electronic experimental cds, most released on his label symbolic insight, founded in 1998. He has also been very active with productions, creating and promoting such multi-media events as, transistor sound art festivle, the Seattle noise festival, Dronerama 1 & 2, textures ambient showcase, and many entropic advance shows, which include video, dancers, and music. He currently works as a live sound engineer, studio producer, and a professional musician/sound artist with the projects entropic advance, sonolumina, usü, and bios+a+ic.

Symbolic insight offers recording and mastering services. Contact us for details.