symbolic insight productions
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Symbolic insight is an experimental music label and recording studio owned and operated by producer Wesley Davis, aka bios+a+ic and partner Jewl Petteway, aka bahiya. The label releases full-length limited edition cds ranging from 50 to 1000 units with packaging of original works of art. The sounds produced are primarily electronic in timbre, created by modern artists using innovative processing technics of both acoustic and electric sources.

Symbolic insight releases are currently available by these projects:

entropic advance: a cutting edge experimental electronic music collective founded by bios+a+ic in 1998.

sonolumina: bios+a+ic and Bahiya collaborate on an Eastern-inspired world beat dance project with plenty of experiments in sound.

üsA (unbridled sonic Anarchy): experimental improvisational soundtrack project fusing noise and ambient sounds, featuring bios+a+ic & bahiya.

bios+a+ic: solo/collaborative project of wesley davis who produces experimental ambient soundscapes and textures.

Solypsis: primary alias used by rhythmic noise producer James Miller since 1998.Since 1998 Solypsis has recorded over 1,500 tracks. Some of them are listenable.

XISIX: XISIX is elektro-chemical acid ragga bass + drum for adventurous spirits. XISIX is whirlwind shrapnel tour de force for your head/heart + BOOTY. XISIX is a glitch in the robot machine drone society program. Rebel vibrations. XISIX is pure gangsta blipkore beauty versus Decay. Burning brighter than supernovas. XISIX is hidden smiles of joy through one's trials and tribulations. XISIX is not fitting in even when you want too. XISIX is a tool to accelerate awareness + consciousness. XISIX is revolution frequencies. XISIX is wastelander muzik.

"froZen", an ambient sound collage collaboration with bios+a+ic and legendary mountain man artist/musician, Tanker