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entropic advance
live at the Seattle Art Museum

entropic advance, live at Seattle Art Museum, a rare ambient performance of electro-acoustic manipulations, was recorded on September 13, 2001, a few days after the World Trade Center towers were destroyed in New York City. This release documents a unique live performance which features, bios+a+ic (trumpet, vocals, samples, loops), Noise Poet Nobody (rhythms, slide guitar), Jim Deal (loops, turntables), and Xaxis Wye (synthesizer). The music is a fusion of experimental improvisations and electronic rhythms, which were composed specifically for this performance and will not be found on any studio album. Heavy effects processing create unique palettes, sounding like music pipped in from a distant other world, which are mixed with news sound bytes of falling towers and Afghanistan to create an epic surreal listen. This album captures the rare emotional state of people days after 9-11 in a sonic form, which exists beyond words, and expresses deep feelings of a new and uncertain world.

entropic advance was founded in 1998 by bios+a+ic and noise poet nobody in
Seattle, Washington and has been a constantly evolving collaborative of numerous innovative electronic and avant-guard sound artists. The current lineup is now based out of Denver, CO and includes bios+a+ic, circle six, and bahiya. The sound features lush, haunting trumpet/vocals, and warped string/synth textures, blending seamlessly with heavily manipulated electronic beats, dark pulsating drones and glitches, and thick layers of delicious ear candy. The music is dark heavy euro-inspired electronics and ethereal noise improvisations, an artistic hybrid of clicks, thumps, rhythms and tones, with space for improvisation, always lucid and fresh for their live listeners. Each release explores different territory incorporating elements of ambient, noise, industrial, minimalism, IDM, experimental, and down-tempo styles.

1) Produced and mixed by Wesley Davis aka bios+a+ic
2) 10 year anniversary of the original recording in Seattle, WA
3) entropic advance has performed with Not Breathing, Soriah, kuxaan-sum, biaxial creep, Blackcell, In Better Senses, Metric, Logic Probe, Land, & more.
4) entropic advance has played at transistor electronic sound art festival, Black Sun gatherings, Seattle Noise Festival, textures ambient showcase.
5) Album features all the original members with special guest Xaxis Wye.

Jon Hassell, The Future Sounds of London, SND, Boards of Canada, Brian Eno, Scanner, Amon Tobin

Artist: entropic advance
Album: Live at Seattle Art Museum
Label: symbolic insight
Release date: 09-13-11
Format: digital / limited cdr
Catalog Number: cdr 00350
File Under: electronic /experimental

UPC 000000116961

Track List:
1) On a clear day
2) the world changed
3) Two towers fell
4) symbols of the old world
5) left in ruin
6) Two days later
7) confused faces
8) listen for a sign of hope

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