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symbolic insight productions
September 6, 2011

Greetings and we wish you an abundant and eventful September. As old out-dated systems continue to change or collapse all around us, it is a perfect time to focus on the positive side of our human existence. We are all surrounded by amazing people and infinite potential to create the world in way which supports our dreams. Thank you for your interest and your support of indie music, sound art, and multi-media performance.

On September 13, 2011 symbolic insight will be re-releasing the album, entropic advance, live at Seattle Art Museum, digitally worldwide at all major distributors including iTunes and This music was recorded exactly 10 years ago. entropic advance, live at Seattle Art Museum, a rare ambient performance of electro-acoustic manipulations, was recorded on September 13, 2001, a few days after the World Trade Center towers were destroyed in New York City. This release documents a unique live performance which features original members bios+a+ic (trumpet, vocals, samples, loops), Noise Poet Nobody (rhythms, slide guitar), Jim Deal (loops, turntables), and Xaxis Wye (synthesizer). The music is a fusion of experimental improvisations and electronic rhythms, which were composed specifically for this performance and will not be found on any studio album. Heavy effects processing create unique palettes, sounding like music pipped in from a distant other world, which are mixed with news sound bytes of falling towers and Afghanistan attacks to create an epic surreal listen. This album captures the rare emotional state of people days after 9-11 in a sonic form, which exists beyond words, and expresses deep feelings of a new and uncertain world. Recommended if
you like Jon Hassell, The Future Sounds of London, SND, Boards of Canada, Brian Eno, Scanner, or Amon Tobin.
buy and hear samples here;

This month symbolic insight presents, textures ambient showcase featuring entropic advance, Sunday, September 11, 7 p.m. at Gypsy House cafe, 1279 Marion st. Denver, CO. Join us for an epic live performance by entropic advance with bahiya (processed violin/vocals), circle six (monome processed samples/guitar), and bios+a+ic (trumpet/vocal processing, found recordings). Dark ambient minimalistic noise and lush effects laden melodies will drift and flow in a sonic journey through abstract improvisations. There will be a basket as you enter the downstairs lounge for your artist support of $5.00. Also the 70+ minute cd, "textures", which features highlights of the past entropic advance performances from the series, will be available for purchase or barter.