symbolic insight productions
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    Upcoming events

    October 10
    DJ bios+a+ic, Pythian Whispers, theKappaCell, Sleepdial
    21+, 8 p.m. $6 cover
    3131 Walnut St.
    Denver, CO

    October 12
    DJ bios+a+ic & Chad I
    Dub Reggae Soundsystem
    The 28th Street Tavern
    2960 28th Street
    Boulder, CO

    October 25
    DJ bios+a+ic host
    Sleepless Nights, 12-3 am MST
    KGNU radio
    Boulder:88.5 FM, Denver:1390 AM, Ward/Nederland:93.7 FM

    October 26
    DJ bios+a+ic & Chad I host

    Dub Reggae Soundsystem
    No cover, 21+ 10 p.m.
    The 28th Street Tavern
    2690 28th st.
    Boulder, CO

Autumn is in the air and we perform and produce music to soundtrack the changing times. symbolic insight has new & upcoming studio releases by entropic advance, also bios+a+ic has upcoming events as a DJ in Denver, Boulder, and on the radio. Thank you for supporting underground independent music producers and artists here in Colorado and around the world.

Audio archives
Listen to bios+a+ic's radio show archives form September here,
Electronic Air (eclectic electronics) -
Under the Floorboards (avant underground) -
Sleepless nights (Eclectic various) -
Listen o clips of bios+a+ic show from last month here,

October events

10/10 (TONIGHT!) - DJ bios+a+ic, Pythian Whispers, theKappaCell, Sleepdial, 21+, 8 p.m. $6 cover, at the WALNUT ROOM, 3131 Walnut St., Denver

10/12 (Saturday) - DJ bios+a+ic & Chad I, Dub Reggae Soundsystem, 21+, 10p.m., no cover, The 28th St. Tavern, 2690 28th st., Boulder

10/25 (Thursday) - DJ bios+a+ic, Sleepless Nights, KGNU radio from 12-3 a.m. MST for streaming/radio, Worldwide

10/26 (Saturday) - DJ bios+a+ic & Chad I, Dub Reggae Soundsystem, 21+, 10p.m.,no cover, The 28th St. Tavern, 2690 28th st., Boulder

Featured Releases
NEW! - entropic advance, sound into light

Recorded in Seattle, WA in 2004, this full-length album features beat work/custom slide guitar by Noise Poet Nobody and processed trumpet/vocals/samples by bios+a+ic. sound into light contains tracks which the duo developed and played out live for two years and represents a culmination of 8 years of dedicated writing and recording. sound into light is now available exclusively at bandcamp, where you can hear the album in its entirety and purchase it in the preferred format for your library, from symbolic insight.

Upcoming Releases
October 16 - entropic advance, Industrial Noise Control
Recorded in the mountains of Nederland, Colorado in 2010-11, this full-length album features beat work/guitar by circle six, processed & looped violin/vocals by bahiya, and processed & looped trumpet/vocals/synthesizer by bios+a+ic.