symbolic insight productions
Upcoming events

Friday, October 23
(Thursday at midnight)

bios+a+ic hosts Sleepless Nights-
free form radio on KGNU
12-3 am MST
Boulder: 88.5 FM/93.7 FM, Denver:1390 AM

Sunday, October 25
textures ambient showcase - Haunted Sound Laboratory,
(ghost), Claudzilla
Mutiny Information Cafe
2 S Broadway, Denver
7 pm, all-ages, $5 donation

Saturday, October 31
bios+a+ic hosts Electronic Air radio, 9-11 pm
& Under the Floorboards, 11 pm-12
Boulder: 88.5 FM/93.7 FM, Denver:1390 AM

Sunday, November 8
Dark Goddess Festival featuring
dj bahiya with guest dj bios+a+ic
Mercury Cafe
2199 California, Denver
1 pm - 4 pm, free event

Thursday, November 12
bios+a+ic, kid mask,
snails & oysters
Skylark Lounge, 140 S Broadway, Denver
21+, 9 pm, no cover

October news
Greetings to you during this beautiful autumn from symbolic insight. This month brings a Halloween themed textures show with performances by Haunted Sound Laboratory, (ghost), and Claudzilla. bios+a+ic is on the radio on Halloween night hosting Electronic Air & Under the Floorboards, as well as his monthly Sleepless Nights show on 4th Friday mornings. In the studio, bios+a+ic is working on a album recorded at Microtone studios with members of Kappa Cell, and new entropic advance, usA, and sonolumina albums are all in process for 2016 releases.

Don't like us on Facebook
For the past few years we have been using Facebook as our primary social media and web promotion hub. Recently the Facebook computer has locked us out of our accounts stating that we cannot produce the proper ID to establish our 5 years of promotions and community connections. symbolic insight will now be focusing our time and energy on updating our web pages, monthly newsletter, and other social media outlets including twitter and reverbnation. Thanks for your interest and support of independent underground art and music!

Featured Releases

Sci-fi horror by unbridled sonic Anarchy (üsA)
Sci-fi horror is the debut studio album by unbridled sonic Anarchy, recorded at symbolic studios in sessions between 2012-14. The release is a fictional film soundtrack created for a movie which exists only in your imagination. It features bahiya on multi-effects processed, manipulated, & sampled loops of violin & voice and bios+a+ic on synthesizer, effects processing, sampled loops, engineering, and mastering. (ambient noise soundtrack) Listen and purchase at

prism cell by entropic advance
Spacious ambient trumpet & synthesizers blend with morphing noise rhythms, layered with sampled textures and whisping vocals. Prism cell brings together the roots of electronic, ambient, and noise music with custom created sound pallets for this edgy, powerful album, blurring man and machine, a soundtrack for the new world in which we live. Commercial free streaming & purchase:

cloudLanD by bios+a+ic
The album cloudLanD by bios+a+ic was created to aid in relaxation, meditation, and sleep. The pulse beat tempo gradually slows down, calming bio-rhythms. The music patiently resolves tonality and gently drifts into the ether. The album was inspired by the clouds in the sky and recorded while living in Nederland, Colorado, based high in the mountains. Primary sound source is multi-effects processed trumpet, re-sampled, and looped in layers, with pulse rhythms and chimes blowing in the wind.
Commercial free streaming & purchase:

also new from Backwards Records
bios+a+ic has a track on the new album from Blackcell featuring remixes from their album,"In the Key of Black".

symbolic insight now has 25 of our albums available for commercial-free streaming and download purchase options at

Thanks for your interest and support of independent experimental sound and visual art!