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symbolic insight productions
March 11, 2012

Spring is almost here and most are ready for the sun and warmer weather. symbolic insight continues to re-release the current catalog of experimental electronic music to the world at your favorite digital outlets including, iTunes, and Juno downloads. The latest albums available digitally, are blood_for_oil and froZen by bios+a+ic, as well as monkey with a gun by entropic advance. sonolumina's debut release, solar logos, receives positive reviews from the press including Denver's Westword where it is in this weeks print edition.

Featured releases

bios+a+ic, blood_for_oil
blood_for_oil by sound artist, bios+a+ic, is an ambient-noise collage / sonic documentation which reflects upon the past and current turmoil in occupied Iraq. Tribal rhythms, dark drones, electronic textures, guitar washes, vocal chants, and field recordings blend together, forming an epic journey that is both hypnotic and foreboding. Now available at your favorite digital distribution outlet and here,
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Review quotes of blood_for_oil

"blood_for_oil" is an audio universe once could easily get lost in, adrift, a place that is dark but comforting and from which you'd never want to leave." Fish Collective

"This is excellent dark-ambient meditation on the ongoing struggle in Iraq, combining news samples, dark and noise-laden drones, tribal beats, chanting, and other layers of texture into a flowing series of brooding soundscapes. As for the quality and direction of the pieces, there are strong echoes of the work of Rapoon, Voice of Eye, Aube, and Scanner in particular. Highly recommended." Monotremata

"Super deep dark drone, absolutely stunning, narcotic and hypnotic." Your Imaginary Friend

"Parallels can be drawn to such textural sound artists as MUSLIMGAUZE or O YUKI CONJUGATE, but bios+a+ic comes from an entirely different headspace. Political, yes, but 'Blood For Oil' also serves as an excellent (if unsettling) document of the whole debacle that is the war/occupation. Absolutely effective (especially the masterful 24-minute opening track) and a highly recommended release." Godsend

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entropic advance, monkey with a gun
monkey with a gun is the most accessible work by entropic advance, drawing from more popular electronic influences such as Bjork and Radiohead. This album also has a very consistent electronic sound, as the core members, bios+a+ic and Noise Poet Nobody, wrote and recorded all the tracks. Evolved EDM, Dn'B, and glitch styles are immersed in elements of ambience, noise, and soundscapes, creating a distinctive stylistic approach. It is a bold sonic hybrid of innovative electronic and experimental music, demonstrating a realized potential of modern sound art. Tracks feature heavy bass with click & cut rhythms, layered with lush effects-laden trumpet, custom processed slide guitar, rich sample textures, unique vocal manipulations, and obscure field recordings. Now available at your favorite digital distribution outlet and here,
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sonolumina, solar logos
"solar logos" is the debut album by sonolumina created at symbolic insight studios by bios+a+ic and bahiya over a six-year period. The music features a variety of source by musicians which was reworked and processed to create a new innovative sound. Nine unique tracks take the listener on a journey from modern American belly dance fusion around the world to Eastern inspired IDM grooves, drawing from both current electronic trends and ancient tribal traditions. solar logos by sonolumina is now available direct from symbolic insight and packaged in a beautiful eco-friendly cardboard foldout designed by bios+a+ic. This is a limited edition on 1000 manufactured units available exclusively from symbolic insight.

Review press quotes for solar logos

"Aphex Twin probably never would have teamed up with Dead Can Dance, but that unlikely pairing might have produced the hypnotic electro raga of "Buddha," with its circular, abstract vocals." Tom Murphy, Westword

"These hypnotic pieces borrow from all sorts of international traditions and throw them into a modern, electronic atmosphere. The playing is inspiring, and there simply no way to keep the hips from swaying." Jon Worley, A & A

"the end product is great for all you aspiring dark belly dancers out there. It is an interesting concatenation of folk-inspired world music, deep club trance beats, glitchy found sound, and electronic noize", Madelyn Boudreaux, Slug magazine

"I think this is a first: belly dancing music. There are some hints of their influences, specifically Muslimgauze in tracks like 'Hado,' which is somewhat reminiscent of 'Curfew, Gaza' off Zul'm." eskaton, Chain D.L.K.

"Ambient Eastern-sounding trip-hop music with a strong influence coming from Dead Can Dance (minus the vocals). Sensual music, with lots of Middle-Eastern melodies and percussion." Monsieur Delire