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symbolic insight productions
January 24, 2012

Greetings and good fortune to you as we begin this new year 2012 together.

Symbolic insight is currently expanding into digital realm by making all of our music available for download worldwide. We are excited to be part of the family of Beta-lactam Ring Records ( and Helmet Room Recordings ( These labels have released some of our favorite artists including, The Legendary Pink Dots, Silverman, Edward Ka-Spel, Orbit Service, Coil, Nurse With Wound, Daniel Menche, Soriah, Still Light, and dozens more. As a sub-label of the family, symbolic insight now has the ability to make our entire catalog and all future release available at 100's of digital outlets in over 85 countries worldwide, including i-Tunes and Our digital marketing and distribution is provided by the wonderful people at IRIS ( based out of San Fransisco, CA. We are full of gratitude for this opportunity and look forward to a prosperous year. Thank you your interest and support of experimental electronic music and our projects will continue to produce fresh sound art to soundtrack our new world.

symbolic insight is also excited to announce the debut release of our newest project, sonolumina, SOLAR LOGOS. Nine unique tracks take the listener on a journey from modern American belly dance fusion around the world to Eastern inspired IDM grooves, drawing from both current electronic trends and ancient tribal traditions. sonolumina is the duo of musician/dancer Jewl Petteway, aka bahiya, and musician/producer Wesley Davis, aka bios+a+ic, based in Colorado, U.S. The project features their lush vocals, violins, trumpets, strings, and flutes, blending beautiful, ambient melodies with dark noise textures. Heavy bass, exotic instruments, & field recordings are layered with distinct organic rhythms, featuring Middle Eastern percussion, Indian tablas and digital beat work, inspired by both the dance floor and the performing arts. Recommended if you like Niyaz, Solace, Beats Antique, Midival Punditz, Govinda, Muslimgauze, Karsh Kale, Cheb I Sabbah, Dead Can Dance, Transglobal Underground, Banco de Gaia, Einstürzende Neubauten.

Here are links and info on our current and upcoming symbolic insight digital releases available at your favorite digital hub.

entropic advance

monkey with a gun (available 02-07-12)
monkey with a gun was developed and recorded at symbolic insight studios between 2001-2003 and originally released in 2003. At the cd release show, the project showcased over 20 belly dancers along with original video projections as part of a multi-media experience. The release is their most accessible work drawing from more popular electronic influences such as Bjork and Radiohead. Evolved EDM, Dn'B, and glitch styles are emersed in elements of ambience, noise, and soundscapes, creating a distinctive stylistic approach. It is a bold sonic hybrid of innovative electronic and experimental music, demonstrating a realized potential of modern sound art.

Leaving Palestine
Leaving Palestine release is a collection of improvised sounds and textures recorded at symbolic insight studios by the founding members, Noise Poet Nobody and bios+a+ic, from 2002-2004. The album sounds like a epic soundtrack for a film about the trials and tribulations of the Palestinian people. Minimal pulses, glitches, metal percussion, and tribal rhythms are layered with lush ambient tapestries and deep dark drones. Beautiful, haunting trumpet, morphing slide guitar, along with inspiring synthesizers, carry the sound into space. The music expresses an emotional intensity, while maintaining a mellow vibe, allowing the listener to experience a journey to the unknown regions of the mind. There is a therapeutic ambient flow in this reflective journey, which ultimately leaves one with feelings of hope, love, and empathy for the human condition.

water for your eyes
water for your eyes release was inspired by the 1999 World Trade Organization protests and riots which occurred in Seattle, Washington later called, "the battle in Seattle", by the media. The album features highlights from a four hour live performance recorded at the underground club, Mercury at Machinewerks, just over a month later. Unedited video documented by bios+a+ic on the streets during the riots was shown and audio from the video was used during the performance. The title was derived from the first field recording heard on the cd, which occurred after a large crowd was tear gassed by the police and someone on a bull horn asks, “Anyone need water for your eyes, water for your eyes?” The cover art is a manipulated photo of a policeman in a gas mask. The music captures the raw emotion and chaotic turmoil of post WTO Seattle with this continually morphing dose of ambient noise and mind-warping rhythms.

red yellow noise
Features a wide variety of noise and beat work on a 2-disc set with guest players, Jim Deal, xaxis wye, John Schueller, Paul Reubenstein, and Mutant Data Orchestra. The red disc is heavy, crunchy electronic beats, thick bass, and lush trumpet, vocals and slide guitar. The group's glitched-to-hell beats carom amid toxic ambient emissions, conjuring a soundtrack for watching Iraqi oil wells burning in the desert. At times it gets positively Muslimgauze-like with Arabic chanting and frenetic hand drumming. The yellow disc is a mind warping journey beyond time via texture which captures EA's ethno-ambient/ surreal-field-recording style to eerily powerful effect.

live at Seattle Art Museum
A rare ambient performance of electro-acoustic manipulations, was recorded on September 13, 2001, a few days after the World Trade Center towers were destroyed in New York City. This release documents a unique live performance which features, bios+a+ic (trumpet, vocals, samples, loops), Noise Poet Nobody (rhythms, slide guitar), Jim Deal (loops, turntables), and Xaxis Wye (synthesizer). Heavy effects processing create unique palettes, sounding like music pipped in from a distant other world, which are mixed with news sound bytes of falling towers and Afghanistan to create an epic surreal listen. This album captures the rare emotional state of people days after 9-11 in a sonic form, which exists beyond words, and expresses deep feelings of a new and uncertain world.


bios+a+ic vs biaxial creep
features bios+a+ic's lush processed trumpet & lead vocals combined with biaxial creep's amazing beat & synth palettes. The album combines classic electronic influences such as Depeche Mode, Skinny Puppy, and New Order with more current influences such as Autechre, Gridlock, and Nine Inch Nails to create a groundwork for something modern and completely original. The production team of Wesley Davis and Swante Jauch has assembled diverse, cohesive, and unique sonic release, which is an evolution of industrial, IDM, glitch, synth-pop, gothic, and ambient styles.

agenda 21
Dark drones & noise textures layered with underground conspiracy info voiced by David Icke, Alex Jones, Alan Watts, & Jeff Rense. Tracks include Agenda 21, RFID, New World Order, Chem-trails, and Blood_for_oil remix. This cd is dedicated to Nederland artist, Tanker.

texture blue (available 01-31-12)
While living in Seattle, bios+a+ic collaborated musically with numerous amazing players. This album is a showcase of textures featuring some of the best recorded moments captured live at Symbolic Insight Studios including, Intonarumori, Vance Galloway, xaxis wye, Jim Deal. This is music for new, alien rituals or soundtracks for 22nd-century science-fiction films. It's at once amorphously disturbing and chillingly tranquil.