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    Live Events

    Dec 13, Friday at 7 pm (16+)
    dj bios+a+ic, Pythian Whispers, Crab lab, Cpt. Howdy, Bollywood Life
    Sidewinder Tavern, 4485 Logan St., Denver, Colorado 80525

    Dec 21, Saturday, 9 pm (21+)
    entropic advance, Syphilis Sauna, Catdog, Lock Box, Aaron Ether
    Lost Lake, 3602 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, Colorado 80206

    Radio Shows

    Dec 27, Friday morning midnite-3 am MST
    bios+a+ic host Sleepless Nights
    a free form radio show on KGNU will feature all Colorado projects
    Boulder:88.5 FM, Denver:1390 AM, Ward/Nederland:93.7 FM

    Dec 28, Saturday
    9-11 pm MST

    bios+a+ic hosts 2 hours of eclectic electronic music from local and international producers
    Boulder:88.5 FM, Denver:1390 AM, Ward/Nederland:93.7 FM

    Listen to the most recent show host by bios+a+ic, including last months Electronic Air show featuring live sets by Rasmussen and Syphilis Sauna.

Greetings to you this holiday season and we at symbolic insight wish you well!
This month bios+a+ic plays dj and entropic advance debut new material at their first show in over 2 years with new member, solypsis. Listen to their latest tracks from the upcoming 2014 album for a limited time, Remember, music always makes a great gift and gift cards can be used to support independent musicians by buying direct or from Amazon or iTunes ( see our links below ; ).


Featured Releases

NEW! entropic advance, Industrial Noise Control
INC was recorded in the mountains of Nederland, Colorado in 2010-11 and produced by bios+a+ic. This full-length album features beat work, monome processing, and guitar by circle six, processed & looped violin & vocals by bahiya, and processed & looped trumpet, vocals, synthesizer, metal percussion, samples, & bass by bios+a+ic. Glitchy industrial beats decay into chaos with heavy drones, ambient textures, ethereal melodies, thick bass, and experimental noise.

entropic advance, sound into light
Recorded in Seattle, WA in 2004, this full-length album features beat work/custom slide guitar by Noise Poet Nobody and processed trumpet/vocals/samples by bios+a+ic. sound into light contains tracks which the duo developed and played out live for two years and represents a culmination of 8 years of dedicated writing and recording. IDM, Industrial, ambient, experimental, noise trance

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