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symbolic insight productions
October 7, 2010

This month we are excited for this weekend's live performance at textures ambient showcase. Sunday, 10-10-10, symbolic insight presents textures featuring, entropic advance and from 7:00 until 9:30 p.m. at the Gypsy Housecafe (downstairs), 1279 Marion St., Denver, CO. (chase dobson) creates lush soundscapes with minimal tasty IDM rhythms with real-time manipulations. entropic advance is bios+a+ic (wesley davis- processed trumpet, samples,vocals), circle six (mike stacey- digital beats, synths, samples), and bahiya (jewl petteway- processed violin & vocals). entropic advance performs live instruments with effects and looping, along with synth pallets, samples, and digital textures.
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entropic advance

After the show join us at Sutra, 1109 Lincoln, Denver for Kontrolled Demolition, dj Mudwulf and more.

In the studio...
  • entropic advance: begins first recording session with the new line-up based upon the material performed at transistor festival 2010.
  • sonolumina: new project by bios+a+ic and bahiya in the final phase of recording and mixing. produced by bios+a+ic, features experimental world IDM sounds gathered from various percussion, violin, flute, vocal chants, field recordings, trumpet.
  • cloudLanD: bios+a+ic's ambient project looks to be wrapping up for a December 2010 cd release.

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    cheers, wesley (bios+a+ic) & jewl (bahiya)