symbolic insight productions
    Upcoming events

    November 14, Friday
    The Kappa Cell, 10:45pm
    Denver Art Society
    734 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, Colorado 80204

    November 20, Thursday
    Chase Dobson (, entropic advance, Pythian Whispers, dj ProfanAeon & visuals by 75O (75 Ohms).
    3 Kings Tavern
    60 S Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80209
    21 +, 9 pm, $6 cover

    November 28, Friday, 12-3 am
    (Thursday at midnight, Thanksgiving)
    bios+a+ic hosts Sleepless Nights- free form radio
    Boulder: 88.5 FM/93.7 FM, Denver:1390 AM

    November 29, Saturday
    bios+a+ic hosts Electronic Air - radio, 9-11 pm
    Under the Floorboards 11-12
    Boulder: 88.5 FM/93.7 FM, Denver:1390 AM

    November 30, Sunday
    textures ambient showcase - Mondo Obscura, Solypsis, animal/OBJECT Mutiny Information Cafe, 2 S Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80209 $5 donation, 7 pm, ALL-AGES

November news

Greetings from symbolic insight! This month, we cordially invite you to our showcase on November 20 at Three Kings Tavern in Denver, also presented by transistor electronic sound art festival. This show features Chase Dobson ( & entropic advance, both performing new material for their only 2014 club appearance. We also have Pythian Whispers joined by Victoria Lindy, dj ProfanAeon, & the debut of visual art project, 75 O. We continue textures ambient showcase on last Sundays monthly at the Mutiny and bios+a+ic hosts Electronic Air & Sleepless Nights on KGNU.



Featured Releases

Recorded spring of 2014 at symbolic insight studios, this groundbreaking album features bios+a+ic on processed trumpet, Acidbat on module rhythms, & A23P on synth/keys. This is the debut album of metapulse with an epic ambient IDM experimental acid jazz sound.

LASCAUX by Solypsis

Lascaux contains tracks recorded by Solypsis over the last 7 years that have been compiled and mastered by bios+a+ic, making them sound fuller, cleaner and better than they ever have before. The album is 15 experimental heavy beat driving IDM/industrial tracks with deep ambient sounds and gritty noise textures.

All symbolic insight albums are now exclusively at where you can stream commercial free anytime and purchase direct from the label.


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Thank you for your continued interest and support of indie underground experimental music!