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symbolic insight productions
May 20, 2012

Greetings to you as the moon eclipses the sun, and the new world spring reveals dramatic and important changes everywhere. We are excited to be making our latest release, solar logos by sonolumina available worldwide at over 400 digital outlets via Iris distribution. The album is a featured release at and it available for the month of May for only $5.99 to download the entire album. Get your copy now and take advantage of this special promotion at

solar logos is the debut album by sonolumina created at symbolic insight studios by bios+a+ic and bahiya over a six-year period. The music features a variety of source by musicians which was reworked and processed to create a new innovative sound. Nine unique tracks take the listener on a journey from modern American belly dance fusion around the world to Eastern inspired IDM grooves which draw from both current electronic trends and ancient tribal traditions.

The full album is available for download at all major digital distribution outlet including iTunes, JunoDownloads, and Amazon. You can also purchase a physical cd of solar logos by sonolumina packaged in a beautiful eco-friendly cardboard foldout designed by bios+a+ic. This is a limited edition on 1000 manufactured units available exclusively from symbolic insight and shipped directly to you from the label.

Review press quotes for solar logos

"Aphex Twin probably never would have teamed up with Dead Can Dance, but that unlikely pairing might have produced the hypnotic electro raga of "Buddhaus," with its circular, abstract vocals."
Tom Murphy, Westword

"The album has an interesting mixture of beats, drones and ideas.....comes together in a heady cocktail of Middle Eastern and Indian musics with one eye firmly fixed on the dance chill out scene as well."
Gary Parsons, Freq

"These hypnotic pieces borrow from all sorts of international traditions and throw them into a modern, electronic atmosphere. The playing is inspiring, and there simply no way to keep the hips from swaying."
Jon Worley, A & A

"the end product is great for all you aspiring dark belly dancers out there. It is an interesting concatenation of folk-inspired world music, deep club trance beats, glitchy found sound, and electronic noize."
Madelyn Boudreaux, Slug magazine

"I think this is a first: belly dancing music. There are some hints of their influences, specifically Muslimgauze in tracks like 'Hado,' which is somewhat reminiscent of 'Curfew, Gaza' off Zul'm."
eskaton, Chain D.L.K.

"Ambient Eastern-sounding trip-hop music with a strong influence coming from Dead Can Dance (minus the vocals). Sensual music, with lots of Middle-Eastern melodies and percussion."
Monsieur Delire

Thanks for your continued interest and support of new electronic sound art!