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symbolic insight productions
July 5, 2011

Greetings and we wish you well this summer as the world around us changes quickly. We believe things are getting better and we are looking forward to the many new opportunities and connections forming everyday. Times seems to be rough right now, but this too shall pass.


Symbolic insight's second world wide digital release, bios+a+ic vs. biaxial creep, drops on July 12, 2011 and will be available at all major digital distribution outlets including iTunes and Amazon. We are very excited that this title is being actively promoted to retailers and is also a featured new release for IRIS distribution, bios+a+ic worked very hard on this album and it is an amazing collection of songs. Lovely Jewl Petteway is the woman on the cover art (artwork by Martin Kloster).

bios+a+ic vs. biaxial creep features bios+a+ic's lush processed trumpet & lead vocals combined with biaxial creep's amazing beat & synthesizer palettes. The album combines classic electronic influences such as Depeche Mode, Skinny Puppy, and New Order with more current influences such as Autechre, Gridlock, and Nine Inch Nails to create a groundwork for something modern and completely original. The production team of Wesley Davis and Swante Jauch has assembled a diverse, cohesive, and unique sonic release, which is an evolution of industrial, IDM, glitch, synth-pop,
si calendar

July 9 - bios+a+ic on electronic air 9-11 pm and sleepless nights 12-3 am, kgnu
88.5 FM & 1390 AM (Denver/Boulder), 93.7 FM (Ned)

July 10 - textures ambient showcase at gypsy house download, 1279 marion, denver, 7-9:30, $5

July 12 - bios+a+ic vs biaxial creep, digital release on iTunes, Amazon, et al

July 22 - bios+a+ic live at Club 2200, 2200 Champa, Denver

August 20-21 - Mahmoud Reda, Fred Astaire of Egypt in workshop, Denver
gothic, and ambient styles. From his studio based in Nederland, Colorado, Davis is responsible for the final polished sound of the album by reworking the original raw beat programming, synthesizer lines, and various samples and then adding his own unique flavors. Jauch created the original arrangements and sonic structuring, along with melodic cores and the majority of the rhythm programming at his Mothlight studios in Seattle, Washington.

Symbolic Insight presents textures ambient showcase, Sunday, July 10 at the Gypsy House Cafe (1279 Marion St. Denver) in the downstairs lounge at 7 p.m. This month features, bahiya (Jewl Petteway) performing live ambient experimental processed violin, vocals, loops, and textures who recently performed with entropic advance at transistor festival. The headliner is Steve Forker, who will sooth and delight on cool jazz trumpet with an electronic down-tempo vibe. Acts use various source to produce the sounds including, tabletop, module, laptop, electro-acoustic, and hardware. Expect long developing works of lush ambience, epic soundscapes, and minimal drones to fill the room and your ears.

Symbolic Insight artist, bios+a+ic, is scheduled to perform at Obsolete on Friday, July 22, (Club 2200, 2200 Champa St, Denver) at 10 p.m., which showcases IDM, Down-tempo, Minimal, and Experimental music. bios+a+ic will perform ambient processed trumpet and vocals with beat work gathered from his various albums and reworked for this live performance. There will also be three other featured acts tba.

ON AIR bios+a+c will be on KGNU radio for two shows on Saturday, July 9. Electronic air from 9-11 p.m. with dj IronFeather will feature electronic music rooted in DUB with guest dj's bios+a+ic and Ewkit (African Roots show) mixing it up. Then again from midnight-3 a.m. on Sleepless Nights with dj Steve Wright, bios+a+ic will be co-hosting and playing a variety of avant electronic music including tracks from his projects sonolumina and entropic advance. Tune in on Saturday, July 9 to KGNU radio at Boulder 88.5 FM, Denver 88.5 FM & 1390, and Nederland 93.7 FM.