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bios+a+ic at snog, walnut room, 4/7/16
December news
Greetings and a Happy Solstice from symbolic insight. The one thing we all agree upon is that 2016 has been a challenging year. It seems the old and new have been clashing and many changes are happening, which is exciting. We look forward to 2017, as it will be our biggest year yet for releases and events. There will not be a textures event this December. We will return January 29 to the Mutiny.

Thank you for your interest and support in new underground experimental music and sound art.

2016 event highlights
January 28, entropic advance performed with animal/OBJECT, page 27, and Snails & Oysters, at Syntax, Denver, CO.

April 1, Synth_Drone Collective performed at the Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival with Benton C Bainbridge, Andrew Blanton, and Orbiting Olympia, Lafayette, CO.

April 7, bios+a+ic opened for SNOG (Australia) with Labrynth, Solypsis, DJ Mudwulf at Walnut Room, Denver, CO. Coma Music Magazine Review

June 30, unbridled sonic Anarchy, paperbark, and Mirror Fears performed for the 2-year anniversary of Textures ambient showcase at the Mutiny, Denver.

July 30, sonolumina made their debut live performance with Tunica Externa, Ghosts of Glaciers, Of Earth And Sun, and Orchidz3ro at Syntax, Denver.

September 17, bios+a+ic and sonolumina performed epic sets outside on the main stage at Elsewhence Festival in Bailey, CO.

2016 Album Releases

Fata Morgana by bios+a+ic, released 01-23-2016

Fata Morgana is a collaboration album culminating from over a year of bios+a+ic playing live shows with the other players in various combinations and with the band, Kappa Cell. The studio session was improvised live at Microtone studios in 2015, it is a fusion of avant jazz, ambient space, experimental electronics, and noise textures.

Ambient Radiation by Synth_Drone collective, released 02-22-2016

5 synthesizer wizards, each with one synth /effects, performed together for textures ambient showcase and recorded this album. bios+a+ic, Wes Milholen, kuxaan-sum, Sean Patrick Faling, and Mark Mosher are featured on 6 tracks for over an hour of ambient space and deep drones. RIYL Experimental Audio Research, Steve Roach, and Brain Eno.

Haunted by üsA (unbridled sonic Anarchy), released 03-20-2016

The second release from the ambient noise duo is a soundtrack for a horror movie yet to be made. It features bahiya on processed & looped violin and bios+a+ic on synthesizer manipulations, processed trumpet, and theremin. Pulses, glitches, drones, and spooky noises morph together for over an hour of new sounds.

moon control by bios+a+ic, released 08-18-2016

This album explores ambient space and minimal drones using synths, processed trumpet, 12-string guitar and voice samples (except track 1 which is heavy noise beats). The music takes the listener on a journey to the outer reaches of the mind, beyond control and expectations. It creates space for new thoughts and perceptions based upon the unlimited potential of humanity.

flipped out cat by Trepanning Drill, released 11-14-2016

This improvised studio album was recorded during the summer of 2000 at symbolic insight's cave studio, Seattle, Washington. It features bios+a+ic (processed trumpet, loops, samples), John Schuller (guitar with effects & loops), NoisePoetNobody (bass guitar, filters, effects) and Phil Petrocelli (drum kit). Avant-garde, noise, drone, out-jazz, ambient.

electric plasma by entropic advance, released 12-13-2016

This concept album features bios+a+ic and NoisePoetNobody using plasma spheres as their primary sound source. It was recorded during 2003 at symbolic insight's cave studios, Seattle, WA. Metal percussion, motors, & effects processing, create dark drones, noise textures, & ambient space.

sonolumina at syntax, 7/30/16

kuxaan sum at textures, 9/25/16

See you in 2017--We have over a dozen albums scheduled for release & more great events!

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Thanks for your interest and support of independent experimental sound and visual art!