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bios+a+ic, blood for oil


    artist; bios+a+ic
    album title; blood_for_oil
    label; symbolic insight
    release date; March - 06 - 2012
    formats; cdr /digital
    catalog #; cdr 0011000
    genre; electronic, experimental
    UPC code; 000000128520

    Track Listing
    1) phantom fury
    2) radioactive Fallujah
    3) Umm Qasr
    4) Saddam
    5) Rumaylah fields
    6) Earth fusing

blood_for_oil by sound artist, bios+a+ic, is an ambient-noise collage / sonic documentation which reflects upon the past and current turmoil in occupied Iraq. Tribal rhythms, dark drones, electronic textures, guitar washes, vocal chants, and field recordings blend together, forming an epic journey that is both hypnotic and foreboding. It was originally released in the fall of 2005 as a limited edition of 100 units, packaged in camouflage paper, which is completely sold out.

Press Quotes read full reviews here;
"blood_for_oil" is an audio universe once could easily get lost in, adrift, a place that is dark but comforting and from which you'd never want to leave." Fish Collective

"This is excellent dark-ambient meditation on the ongoing struggle in Iraq, combining news samples, dark and noise-laden drones, tribal beats, chanting, and other layers of texture into a flowing series of brooding soundscapes. As for the quality and direction of the pieces, there are strong echoes of the work of Rapoon, Voice of Eye, Aube, and Scanner in particular. Highly recommended." Monotremata

"Super deep dark drone, absolutely stunning, narcotic and hypnotic." Your Imaginary Friend

"Parallels can be drawn to such textural sound artists as MUSLIMGAUZE or O YUKI CONJUGATE, but bios+a+ic comes from an entirely different headspace. Political, yes, but 'Blood For Oil' also serves as an excellent (if unsettling) document of the whole debacle that is the war/occupation. Absolutely effective (especially the masterful 24-minute opening track) and a highly recommended release." Godsend

Key Selling Points
1) Produced by Wesley Davis of experimental project entropic advance.
2) Concept album sonically documenting the Iraq occupation.
3) bios+a+ic has performed at Denver Noise Fest, Seattle Noise Festival, transistor electronic sound art festival, Dreamtime Festival and more.

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bios+a+ic (Wesley Davis) is a producer, engineer, and performer who soundtracks the modern world via construction and deconstruction of multi-layered digital and analog textures. He has recorded and produced dozens of experimental electronic albums since 1998 with the collaborative project, entropic advance. This is his seventh release as bios+a+ic. His sound has been compared to Rampoon, Jon Hassell, NIN, Aube, and Scanner. bios+a+ic also performs live and records as the ambient noise duo, usA (unbridled sonic Anarchy) with bahiya, and in the transglobal experimental IDM project, sonolumina, which recently released their debut album, SOLAR LOGOS (2011).

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